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Specializing in creating websites for businesses and individuals, I can help you get a website set up inexpensively so you can test the waters. I'm skilled with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP. I won't try to lock you into doing business with me only: I expect and want you to use another webmaster one day. Maybe you have a friend or relative who can do some of you web work once things are set up. That's great. I can provide a zip file or PDF with information to try to help your future webmasters with updating your website.

Computer Programmer

Specializing in coding C and JavaScript for utilities, games, research, data processing, calculators, etc., I can provide you with efficient, safe, and easy-to-understand source code and binaries. My code is fast and efficient. I have experience coding servers of various sorts in Linux and Windows/Winsock over the years. I have experience with OpenGL graphics and artificial intelligence. I have experience with x86 and 6502 assembly languages. I can also help you with any old BASIC programs of the 1980s and 1990s, including those in GW-BASIC and QBasic.

Text/SMS: (252) 822-1132
Location: Rocky Mount, NC, USA (that's between Raleigh and Greenville)

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