The internet is mostly controlled by fascist corporations, so why am I wasting my time? I haven't received even one email about this website, and there isn't much traffic here. Search engines didn't give me much traffic though I offered unique perspectives on unusual topics. The only way to increase traffic was to get more incoming links, and how do you expect me to achieve that? I have only several followers on social media after speaking out for the rights of millions of oppressed people. My attempts to promote my own website are removed from Disqus, but they allow hate speech. And so on.

On the web, the only way to gain more power is to already have power. The internet is mainly for the wealthy who can afford to buy online success. The internet is not for revolutionaries or activists except those who are approved and promoted by the juggernaut.

So I hope all of the worthless people out there enjoy your stupid internet while citizens are being locked up for looking at pictures and those speaking against it have no place on the web.

Fuck you all,
Ron Spain

Fuck You All

©2019 Ron Spain