Ad Blocker

I recommend using a browser extension to block ads for the following reasons:

Not all ad blockers are the same. Some don't block all ads, some might be slow to update, and some take money from advertisers to unblock their ads. That's right, your ad blocker might be allowing some ads because an advertiser paid the developer(s) to allow their ads. So what's the point of the ad blocker?

uBlock Origin is efficient and actually blocks ads, so that's what I use and recommend. I don't get anything for recommending uBlock Origin except the satisfaction of knowing that folks will not be supporting Google by viewing their ads.

uBlock Origin blocks ads on YouTube in addition to Google's ads all over the web.

There is a uBlock Origin extension for both Firefox and Chrome or Chromium web browsers, so try it today. Installation is as easy as clicking a button, and it doesn't require much attention after that. I like to turn it off when doing business online to make sure it doesn't block anything important, but that usually shouldn't be a problem.

Don't be fooled into using something with a similar name. I only recommend using "uBlock Origin" spelled just like that.

The least you can do is not support Google.

I am not affiliated with uBlock Origin and receive nothing for this. Thank you for reading.

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