Alex Jones

I started listening to Alex Jones sometime in the early to middle 2000s on a homemade shortwave radio.

I've considered myself a bit of a voice artist since childhood, and when I first heard Alex Jones, I thought he was someone doing a voice or impersonation. He actually seemed to me like he was trying to sound like Rush Limbaugh. Years later, I learned that he said he tried to fashion his radio persona after Rush Limbaugh.

The name Alex Jones also immediately seemed fabricated to me. Of course, some people really are named "Alex Jones," including a British actress, but when you already sound fake and then you're using a name like Alex Jones, it just made it seem more fake.

When I started listening to Mr. Jones, he was mostly talking about 9/11 being staged. I felt it was plausible that the government knew about the terrorism of 9/11 beforehand or even staged it considering the facts and all of the patriotism and support for the U.S. that followed, though I'm usually skeptical of conspiracy theories. Alex Jones often had guests talking about 9/11, and it was more interesting than corporate radio, so I listened.

But day after day, Alex Jones got on the radio and spewed wild conspiracy theories that I felt he had probably gathered from online conspiracy forums. And it always seemed that Mr. Jones was always trying to get everyone into a panic over some alarmist prediction. I began to feel that his insanity was discrediting those that he claimed to support, e.g. patriots and conservatives.

Alex Jones is the real-life Chicken Little, or Chicken Licken if you prefer. (It's Chicken Licken Good!) One week he claims the dollar is going to collapse, the next week he says government will imminently stage terrorism. Then on the next Alex Jones broadcast, World War III is about to start. The next week, we're all going to die of bird flu. The guy is a roller coaster of insanity, and I don't mean the fun kind of insanity. I mean the kind of insanity that you'd find in a mental institution.

Alex Jones complains about the mainstream media, and rightfully so, I do too, but he's more sensationalist and alarmist than they could ever dream of being. The mainstream media may be unreliable, but they're not as unreliable as Alex Jones and his daily doomsday predictions.

I learned years later that during Y2K, Alex Jones was trying to convince his listeners that Russia was going to start WWIII and nuclear power plants were shutting down.

I listened to Alex Jones for years for entertainment purposes, but I finally decided to stop polluting my brain almost a decade ago. And that's what Alex Jones is: brain pollution. If you listen to Alex Jones every day, your head will be so full of shit that you won't know what the hell is going on in the world.

Every time I checked on Alex Jones to see what he was up to, he was saying things that I firmly believed to be wrong and harmful to our liberty, so I tried to contact him repeatedly to talk some sense into him. I didn't get a reply, and he continued with the disinformation, so I contacted every one of Alex Jones' sponsors with my complaints, and weeks later, I noticed he had no more sponsors. He switched to selling his own supplements. I can't tell you the whole story right now, but I feel this was one of a number of instances where I made an impact, where my activism worked, where I changed the world for the better. Don't believe those who say you can't make a difference.

YouTube promoted Alex Jones for many years before suddenly deciding to ban him. Every time I searched for something on YouTube, usually topics associated with current events, Alex Jones was in the results, usually at the top. Some Google apologists would probably claim YouTube only promoted Alex Jones so much because their algorithms are so fair, but I doubt that because I've seen how good Google is at censoring and hiding the topics and communities that they don't approve of. I complained repeatedly to YouTube and Google for promoting Alex Jones until they finally banned him. I don't take credit for getting him banned because YouTube probably had a lot of pressure from other people at the time that they finally decided to do it, but I think I probably helped. Yet YouTube continues to promote other propagandists and hatemongers.

I believe in liberty and freedom of speech, but when hate is being promoted while the opposite is being censored, that's not fair. Alex Jones is a propagandist who spews disinformation and an alarmist who yells about multiple fictitious fires in a crowded theater, and I don't support freedom of speech for him or those like him until the rest of us have freedom of speech.

©2019 Ron Spain

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