Anti-Pedophilia Fetish

What if some people have a fetish for anti-pedophilia sentiment or activities? Does the taboo of pedophilia make some horny, and should they be for or against societal acceptance of pedophilia?

Keep Pedophilia Taboo

Many of those with pedophilic interests are drawn to pedophilia because of the fact that it is so very taboo. It should therefore be no surprise that exposing yourself to anti-pedophilia sentiments will complement the taboo appeal of pedophilia, and pro-pedophilia sentiments will detract from it. If you do gain enjoyment from it, why not embrace the taboo? If it brings you pleasure, why not support this taboo?

Shouldn't those who love the taboo of pedophilia also love the anti-pedophilia sentiments for helping to make pedophilia taboo?

Will pedophilia ever be accepted in our lifetime? Is it better to be depressed about the forbidden nature of pedophilia or to enjoy the taboo? A negative can be turned into a positive, and a lose-lose situation can be transformed into a win-win situation. Enjoying the taboo could prevent many with pedophilic desires from feeling depressed or committing suicide in a world that can't accept pedophilia.

Maybe society needs a taboo, and maybe pedophilia is best kept taboo.


Is it better to support legalizing adult-child sex because you want to be able to legally screw children or to use your unique perspective to educate people about the real harm caused by pedophilic activities and how to protect children? Some of the activists out there trying to stop child sex abuse might have antipedo fetish, and should that be considered a good thing or a bad thing? While most people don't want to spend their time thinking about the topic. We all want to think we're so different from those other pedophiles who hurt and abuse children, but is that really true?

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