Child Sexuality Notes

Just my notes on child sexuality, psychosexual development, and such things.

Psychosexual Development

According to Freudian psychology, the child has libido or sexual energy from birth, and it develops through stages, each associated with a particular erogenous zone of the body.

Oral Stage

The oral stage is the first stage of life, when the baby explores the world with his or her mouth. Some people are thought to get oral fixations due to a disturbance in breastfeeding such as denial or overindulgence.

Anal Stage

The anal stage of personality development is when potty training occurs for the toddler, who is said to become fascinated with the anal erogenous zone. People are said to get anal fixations due to overly strict or lenient potty training.

Phallic Stage

The phallic stage is from three to six years of age, and is said to be when children satisfy their curiosity by undressing and exploring each other's genitals.

Latent Stage

The latent stage is from six until puberty, and is said to be when the child turns his or her libido towards self-development and friends of the same sex, heroes, clubs, etc.

Genital Stage

The genital stage is the final stage of psychosexual development, and is said to be when the individual develops sexual interest in folks outside of the family. Here in the South, we never get to that stage.


Even babies masturbate, though not in the same way as adults. Babies often play with themselves in the bath. Toddler boys may tug their penises, and toddler girls sometimes rub against furniture to masturbate. Some parents, unwilling to face that their child is a sexual being, freak out at their masturbating child and become verbally or physically abusive, often threatening to cut off a boy's penis.


You won't believe me when I tell you because I was skeptical even when I saw it in a reputable old book years ago, but I'll tell you the theory anyway. Some children try to get into trouble because they enjoy corporal punishment such as spanking because it stimulates sensitive areas. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a conscious or unconscious behavior, and I assume these children were not being spanked hard or have grown desensitized to the painful or fearful aspects of corporal punishment, allowing them to enjoy the spankings, paddlings, or whatever. I'm looking for that book because it's difficult to find information on the subject.

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