Circumcision vs Pedophilia

Folks who had their kids circumcised don't have the right to criticize consensual adult-child sex.

Let's compare consensual sex with the act of restraining a boy and amputating part of his penis against his will. Who committed a bigger crime? Was it the guy who defended consensual sex on the web, or was it the folks who paid someone to torture their son by amputating part of his penis against his will. Hmmm.... Let us contemplate and meditate upon that.

I'm not saying it's wrong to strap a baby into a circumstraint and painfully hack off half of the surface of his penis against his will without urgent medical necessity, but it isn't a better decision to make than the consensual sex that citizens are being incarcerated for. If people aren't being locked up for circumcision then people shouldn't be locked up for consensual sex.

Let's think about the moment that the gomco clamp is tightened onto the child's foreskin and starts to crush it as it's screwed tighter and tighter. Babies were given no anesthestic because that's not as safe for babies. Circumcisers sometimes gave them sugar orally for the pain. Do you think sugar helped? Some doctors even claimed babies couldn't feel the pain, but if you've ever seen a neonatal circumcision without anesthesia, it should be clear to anyone with two neurons to rub together that the baby is feeling pain and not just uncomfortable about being restrained. Why did some doctors say that? Why were parents misled about circumcision?

Is there anything called accountability for what happened to millions of babies in the United States? It sure doesn't look like it.

And instead of being responsible enough to make an informed decision, most of the parents who had their sons circumcised did so just because other people do it. Now, they want to make another uninformed decision when they condemn consensual sex just because some herd told them it's wrong. Are you cattle?

When someone needs some money, they can sue individuals and organizations for supposed harm resulting from sexual acitivities that may or may not have been consensual, but you can't sue anyone over any perceived injustice in having part of your dick amputated against your will, and whether or not it was torture doesn't matter.

When someone feels they need some extra attention or sympathy, they can claim to be sexually abused, but you won't get much sympathy for being circumcised.

In this country, kids can't consent to pleasure, but they can have torture forced upon them. That's what I call bass-ackwards. You know you're living in a shithole country when torture is acceptable but pleasure is illegal.

Take some time to think about these facts if you can take a break from hating different forms of love.

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