Medical Benefits

Circumcision reduces the risks of acquiring HIV and several other sexually transmitted diseases.

Circumcision reduces the risk of urinary tract infections.

Circumcision reduces the risk of cancer of the penis.

Circumcision reduces the risk of female partners getting cervical cancer.

Sexual Benefits

Avoiding the medical problems listed above helps one have a healthy sex life.

Circumcision reduces risk of sexual dysfunction.

Circumcision is often said to make the penis more attractive.

Circumcision may allow the head of the penis to grow larger.

Child Sexuality

When you think about the consequences of circumcision for young boys, you might imagine pain or discomfort, but the benefits for little boys may be greater than the benefits for adults.

The foreskin of a typical uncircumcised baby or toddler boy is not retractable, rendering the head of the penis inaccessible, and trying to force the foreskin back for cleaning or other purposes can cause problems (specifically, injuries that can result in phimosis, which may require circumcision). It's not uncommon for the foreskin of an older boy to be similarly nonretractable. Circumcision gets the foreskin out of the way, allowing a young boy to experience more pleasure from his penis. Circumcision makes the little boy's penis more accessible, more exposed, and cuter according to many.

A nonretractable foreskin makes the young boy's penis impossible to clean, while a circumcised boy's penis is easy to keep clean. Smegma and dead skin cells are trapped and accumulate in pockets of the nonretractable foreskin of the young uncircumcised boy, and along with urine, create a favorable environment for microorganisms. Circumcision prevents this situation, and the improved hygiene contribute to reduced urinary tract infections, rashes, and other problems.

Circumcision prevents many penile problems that not only have bad-sounding names but also could cause much suffering for little boys in the most formative years of life. Painful urinary tract infections, rashes such as balanitis, foreskin-in-zipper, phimosis, etc.

Circumcision causes little boys to become aroused by the sensitive bare head of the penis rubbing against clothing, which would be much less likely without it being bared by circumcision. It's wrong to think that circumcision is only pain for boys when it lets them experience more pleasure.


Why is the circumcised penis considered more attractive by many? Maybe because you get to see the bare head of the penis even when it's flaccid. It looks more like an erect penis even when flaccid. The ancient Greeks thought the Jews were always horny because their circumcised penises seemed aroused. People also might assume the circumcised penis is cleaner, making it more attractive.

Adult Sexuality

The uncircumcised man is to some extent having sex with his foreskin, while the circumcised man is experiencing the partner more, which could make circumcised sex more intimate.

Circumcision Fetish

Many men and women fantasize about male circumcision. Some uncut men fantasize about being circumcised, and some circumcised men are turned on by having been circumcised. Many women appreciate the results of circumcision. Some men and women have circumcision fetish or even call themselves circumsexuals, and circumcision fetish or circumsexuality could not exist without circumcision. These are all points supporting the hedonistic value of circumcision.


Instead of being all about pain or loss of pleasure, circumcision can improve pleasure and reduce suffering, especially for young boys.

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