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The Pedophilia Witch-hunt by Ron Spain

ACLU says kids can't be gay.

ILGA statement to reassure everyone that they're a bunch of selfish hypocrites. My statements are in red.

Gays say 12yo boys kissing is creepy. They don't seem to care about tolerance and acceptance for gay kids, do they?

CP Explosion blog Much information.

What are the psychological effects of overcrowding?

Kids try to raise awareness about laws that turn them into sex offenders for normal behavior.

National Coalition of Sexual Freedom does not support sexual freedom. My responses are in red.

Physics for Engineers Cheat Sheet by Tom Penick I hope no one minds me putting it here.

A South Florida Gay News article asks "Is pedophilia a sexual orientation" - scroll down for the comment. I also responded, and I think they removed the article after that.

Self-help tips for pedophiles from SexInfo. I can't find this page anymore, so I thought I should put it here.

Pederasty excerpt from some book with fascinating information.

The Child Pornography Crusade And Its Net-Widening Effect by Melissa Hamilton I can't find this online anymore, so I hope no one minds me putting it here.

The Pedophilia Smear - Self-appointed guardians of American morality like Laura Schlessinger are targeting sex researchers.

David L. Riegel

Adult Sexual Orientation of Men who had a Consensual Sexually Expressed Boyhood Relationship with an Older Male, as Reported by these Older Partners

An Alternative to Pedophilia: Comments on Malón (2012) and the DSM

Beyond Hysteria - Boy Erotica on the Internet

Boyhood Sexual Experiences with Older Males: Using the Internet for Behavioral Research

Depriving Boys of Mentors

Effects on Boy-Attracted Pedosexual Males of Viewing Boy Erotica

Categorizing Gay Teens: a Disservice to Boys

Heritability of Older Male Sexual Attraction to Boys

Malevolent Protectiveness

The Missing Mechanism of Harm in Consensual Sexually Expressed Boyhood Relationships with Older Males

Myths of Childhood Sexuality

Participant Victim: Oncology of an Oxymoron

Peer Support and Professional Mental Health Services for Boy-Attracted Pedosexual Males: A Comparative Analysis

Perceptions of Harm in Hypothetical Sexual Experiences of Boys with Peer and Older Males: An Empirical Investigation using an Internet Sample

Persistence of Suppression of Childhood Sexuality

Plato's Shadow - The relationship of adult male homosexuality to boylove.

Redefining sexually expressed relationships between children and older persons: Rationality versus myths and hysteria

A Typology of Boy-Attracted Pedosexual Males

The Vicious Circle: The ongoing cultural heritage of the sexual repression of boys.

When and What Boys Learn about Sexuality

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