Gay Boys

It's considered normal for boys to prefer the company of other boys and to dislike girls. (Maybe I was a sissy because some of my best friends as a kid were girls.)

Kids today learn about sex early and want to experiment. They see sexuality on TV and in films, and they see adults smooching and enjoying intimacy with each other, and they have no one to do that with.

They learn about homosexuality at school and on TV and the web, and everyone loves the gays and lesbians, so maybe they experiment sexually with friends. And maybe they like it. It's physical intimacy with a dear friend, and it's pleasurable stimulation of sensitive areas.

Sometimes they get caught by parents or others, and a certain type tends to freak out about anything involving both kids and sex. They overreact and may become verbally or even physically abusive. Why freak out about kids exploring their bodies and learning about sexuality together? We should be helping them, not terrorizing them over it. It doesn't even have anything to do with pedophilia, but still they freak out, because pedophilia was never the problem, the problem all along is that they are afraid of child sexuality. Something about it scares them. Maybe they're afraid of or unwilling to face their own interests in children, or maybe they're just cattle who refuse to think for themselves, but anything involving kids and sex gives them conniption fits.

It's not just Bible-toting Trump-voting soccer moms who freak out about kids being gay. Even the beloved adult gays are getting their panties bunched up and going online and having electronic hissy fits over two 12-year-old boys kissing in a commercial. They don't care about tolerance for gay youths. "Tolerance" for the adult LGBT Special Treatent Club only means tolerance for themselves. Gay and lesbian youths are betrayed by the LGBT community.

The LGBT community is willing to protest for all kinds of issues, but they aren't willing to do much about the nonexistent rights of the gay and lesbian minors being treated like property. Not only do they do nothing to help them, many adult LGBTs even discriminate against gay and lesbian minors.

Gay kids have no rights in this country. Like heterosexual teenagers, gay teens are not even legally allowed to explore their own interests by looking at pictures. In many cases, kids are being treated as criminals for exploring their own sexuality, sometimes even ending up on sex offender registries for normal behavior. In many cases, parents react more harshly when it's two kids of the same sex than when it's a boy and a girl.

The LGBT community probably doesn't want you to know that a boy who experiments with homosexuality or feels gay as a youth will not necessarily be a gay man when he becomes an adult. Even if a boy enjoys homosexual relations as a kid, it doesn't mean he'll be gay as an adult.

Boys are feminine before puberty. Every boy is different and has a unique mix of hormones and characteristics in boyhood, but being attracted to boys as a boy is usually very different from being attracted to men as a man. And boys want different things in relationships than men do. A person might enjoy being the receptive partner as a feminine boy and then enjoy being a heterosexual man or dominant partner as an adult due man to the effects of hormones. Hormones change the body and the mind, and being attracted to a cute, smooth, hairless boy is completely different from being attracted to a big hairy man with 5 o'clock shadow lying next to you in the bed.

Same-sex boyhood relationships could be good practice relationships for boys, considering that men too often lack relationship skills and sensitivity, and there is no risk of pregnancy. Boyhood homosexuality can help keep boys out of trouble, away from dangerous drugs and gangs. Allowing boys to explore sexuality together can help prevent them from seeking out a stranger online. After centuries boyhood homosexuality being oppressed out of fear, why shouldn't we encourage boys to explore their sexuality together?

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