Google's motto was supposed to be "don't be evil," but they act like it's "be as evil as possible."


Like a stalker, Google spies on you against your will. You can avoid Google's website, but Google knows when you visit not only any website that uses Google ads, but also any site using jquery, fonts, etc. Like Santa Claus, Google knows when you've been sleeping, and Google knows if you've been bad or good. But either way, you get a lump of coal from Google, and Google spying on you doesn't give you anything but less privacy.


SafeSearch is a euphemism Google uses for the anti-sex censorship filter. Unfortunately, Google doesn't provide a filter to block out all the hate that they promote. Sex is clearly the most evil thing in the world, which is why people need filters for that but not for any of the things that are actually ruining this country and the web.

The SafeSmurf anti-sex filter is enabled by default, and getting uncensored search results from Google generally requires cookies. Users are unable to get uncensored results without allowing cookies that Google can use for tracking you all over the web. But it's for the children, as they always say when they're screwing you.


Trying to drive up their stock price or seem impressive, Google has hyped up one project after another that turned out to be an overhyped piece of crap. They can't even provide relevant search results to half of my queries after 20 years of practice. Maybe they've been too busy trying to impose their views on everyone.

Artificial Intelligence

Google doesn't have artificial intelligence (AI), they have artificial stupidity. Just look at your search results. If Google had artificial intelligence, your search results wouldn't be so stupid. Google can't control the quality of content on the web, but it can try to show relevant web pages in the search results if it has the intelligence to understand what you're searching for. Google claims to have advanced natural language processing capabilities, but try asking Google twenty questions if you want a laugh or twenty.

United States of Google

Google is one reason the United States sucks. Or is it the other way around? The United States only produces these disgusting big monopoly businesses like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft that screw the world.

Work for Google

What kind of person wants to work for Google? Google employees are scum.


I use a free and trusted ad-blocker to avoid feeding this monster. Click on that link to learn more.

Usually Not Needed

Google's search results usually take me to the same small set of websites. If I just bookmark those websites and figure out which one I need to go to, well then I don't need Google, do I? If I'm looking for a person or place or thing, Wikipedia will usually be a top result. If I'm searching for a programming problem, Google will take me to StackOverflow. If it's CSS, Google results will include the W3 websites. Skip Google and save time.

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