Gun Rights

Should a civilized nation support gun rights or gun control?

I don't believe in depending on government for the safety and survival of me, my loved ones, and my friends. Government doesn't have a great track record.

Government is supposed to serve its people. Government is not meant to be our God. Government is not meant to have rights that we the people don't have.

How long will it take for law enforcement to get to your location after the low-IQ 911 operator finishes asking you 20 questions? When they get there, will the cops shoot the wrong person? Or will they arrest you for breaking one of the countless oppressive laws?

Why should I be expected to rely on law enforcement or government to protect me when they're stoking the hysteria with disinformation and bigotry? They're not protecting taxpaying citizens from violence, they're inciting it.

I'll trust the cops to keep us safe when they're not allowed to lie to taxpaying citizens or entrap them. I'll trust law enforcement when they don't get away with murdering unarmed citizens every time.

An AR-15 is not a machine gun or an automatic weapon. It might look scary to those who watch too much TV, but it's just a semi-automatic rifle, just like many other legal firearms. But because it's black and angular and doesn't have any wood, it must be evil. If it were made of wood and had some curves like other semi-automatic rifles, it would be ok because it wouldn't look so scary to the idiots.

Do you know how many people die in automobile crashes every year? Do you know how many children die in automobiles every year?

You're more likely to die from countless other things besides a mass shooting, but the mainstream media has folks paranoid that they're going to get shot up every time they go somewhere. Maybe they want you to stay home so you can watch more propaganda on TV. You don't suppose they have an agenda, do ya?

When kids are being scared by the sensationalist alarmist profiteers of the mainstream media into thinking they're going to be shot up at school, that's just disgusting and wrong.

"Gun control" tends to place law-abiding citizens at a disadvantage from all of the violent criminals who don't seem to care about laws pertaining to guns or anything else.

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