LGBT Hypocrisy

When someone supports LGBT rights for years only to realize that the LGBT community is promoting bigotry against the sexual minorities that are actually being oppressed, he or she realizes that the LGBT community and its proponents are just a bunch of stupid bigots and selfish scumbags. I'm not saying every gay person is evil, but I am saying that the LGBT community as a whole is sick and perverse, not because of what they do in the bedroom but because of everything else.

I supported LGBT rights years ago, but instead of supporting my rights or tolerance or open-mindedness, they promoted bigotry, hate, discrimination, and oppression against myself and others.

The first world problems of the LGBT special treatment club do not compare to the oppression of being incarcerated for consensual sex or pictures.

I think some people today support "LGBT rights" because they think doing so will ultimately lead to more sexual freedom for the rest of us. It's the sexual freedom version of trickle-down economics, where we give a feast to those who are already wealthy in hopes that a crumb will eventually fall down to us poor beggars. In three or four decades of that, things have only gotten worse for other sexual minorities.

The LGBT version of "tolerance" means tolerance for themselves only. They talk about tolerance out of one side of their mouth while spewing intolerance and hate out the other.

Pederasty was the most common form of homosexuality in the past. The modern form of homosexuality is the aberration moreso than pederasty.

The LGBT community is full of hate for everyone, including Christians, conservatives, heterosexuals, pedosexuals, zoosexuals, etc. Watch how the LGBT community and its proponents freak out if someone compares homosexuality with zoophilia or pedophilia. I guess some arrogant bigots think their own "love" is superior to every other form of love out there.

If there are some in the LGBT community who disagree with the bigotry, you would never know it because they remain silent and unrepresented by the community that they support and identify with, so they may as well not exist except to continue to support bigotry like the hateful freaks.

Many boy-attracted men were involved in the early gay rights movement, but they were thrown under the bus by a community of selfish jerks who wanted to betray part of their own community because they thought it would help them achieve greater acceptance. In other words, the gays sold out to bigotry. From that tme forward, all of the talk of tolerance and open-mindedness has been a lie.

The LGBT community and its proponents do try to convince kids they're homosexual, but they throw them under the bus when they grow up and find themselves still attracted to kids of the same sex. And they use suicide among LGBT youth as a reason why we all should support LGBT rights, but how many suicides are they driving to suicide?

There are those snowflakes who will be offended by the truth but not by the bigotry coming from the LGBT community and its proponents.

Homofascism is an appropriate word for much of what the LGBT community is doing, such as trying to force bakers to make cakes for gay weddings. Is that the kind of "liberation" you support?

View a document about the hypocrisy of ILGA that I made years ago.

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