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All forms of love should be legal, but the United States of America has always disagreed with that. The United States has always oppressed different forms of love. Call me Libertarian, but I feel that who we love is just none of the government's business. Even if some want to try to find reasons to disapprove of different kinds of love instead of minding their own business, who we love should be our own concern.

The so-called Land of the Free has never been friendly to unusual forms of love. A big concern to Americans of the past were interracial couples. It kept folks up at night worrying about those interracial couples out there, so they had to pass laws against them, called anti-miscegenation laws. When they realized that was wrong and they couldn't oppress the interracial couples anymore, they turned their hatred toward homosexuals. Then when they couldn't oppress gays anymore, they turned their hatred to pedophiles and zoophiles.

These hateful idiots keep on repeating the same old mistake over and over again. They never learn from their previous mistakes, do they? One definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. Who will be their next target? It might be you or your kids. You could be the next victim of their neverending folly.

So they said, "Oh, oops. We screwed up. We shouldn't oppress love just because of the races of people, SO LET'S HATE GAYS INSTEAD!" Then they said, "Oh, no! Oopsies! We screwed up again. We shouldn't oppress love because of the genders of people, SO LET'S HATE PEDOPHILES INSTEAD!" How about we don't oppress love because of the race, gender, age, or any other factor that someone disapproves of? How about we just mind our own affairs as long as everything is consensual? But that was never good enough. These fascist idiots want to get in your bedroom and decide whether they approve of your sex life or not.

Have the stupid patriotic Americans ever given a damn about liberty? Where were the patriots when all those people's rights were being trampled in this country? Patriotic people need to actually start supporting liberty and justice instead of just waving their flags and getting offended like snowflakes whenever someone speaks some truth about this shithole. I'm speaking out for liberty and self-determination. What are you doing? Repeating some divisive political propaganda you heard somewhere? Spewing hate? How friggin' American, you stupid patriots. Your own beloved founding fathers would recognize you as heathens and barbarians who belong in the Roman Colosseum cheering for some brutality, you stupid patriots.

Talk about authoritarian countries! Telling people who they can love is the most authoritarian thing imaginable. Telling people who they may or may not love is the epitome of authoritarianism. That's the complete opposite of liberty.

A government that has committed genocide against Native Americans to steal their lands and enslaved and murdered Blacks is telling us who we can love. How did murderers, liars, and thieves get any moral authority to tell us who we can love? F*** that. You know you're living in a shithole country when a genocidal government is telling you who you may or may not love.

What a sick country. What a f***d up shithole. And some of you are so eager to be cogs in this disgusting juggernaut. America has millions of cogs already and doesn't care about you. How about supporting the legalization of love instead? How about standing up for something besides whatever the mainstream media scumbags tell you to?

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