Give something back to society. Be a jerk to those who deserve it, or find some other way to make someone's day a bit less pleasant. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Every time you encounter hate or bigotry or calls for violence against pedophiles or zoophiles.

Every time you search for something interesting and find nothing - except maybe content for the disgusting interests of others.

Every time you're afraid to search for what you really want to see.

Every time you encounter censorship or discrimination.

Every time you're pissed off or driven to consider suicide or self-harm.

Hell, it's always a good time for some payback.

If we can't coexist peacefully in this world, then we are at war, and this is a war that they started. When they play with war, they might get burned.

Hey stupid bigots, when you oppress people, they might not like it. When you choose to piss off people who have nothing to lose, it's just not a bright idea. Don't do it. Mind your own damned affairs and stop supporting oppression, or someone might help you to have a bad day like those you're oppressing.

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