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This page contains text about pedophilia, so if the topic causes you distress, you should leave now.

This page holds a compendium of arguments and facts for educational and informative purposes on a topic that many are afraid to discuss.

This website does not promote illegal activities, but it does promote changing the existing laws. In a democratic society, we must have the right to debate the current laws. I do not recommend engaging in any illegal activity, because they'll crucify you.


If two beings are willing partners in physical intimacy then it's no one else's business, regardless of anyone's age, race, gender, or any other factor that someone might find a reason to disapprove of.

It's not surprising that many people have such a negative view of pedophilia when their primary knowledge of the topic comes from two sources: the negative stereotypes that are constantly being recycled in films and TV shows, and reporting that is sensationalist and one-sided.

Reporting that is completely biased and one-sided is the complete opposite of journalism, yet that's what many of those who call themselves "journalists" are providing. That's libel and defamation against an entire sexual orientation, and they are also inciting hate and violence.

A child needs the love of a man more than a woman does. An adult woman needs not to depend on a man to be her provider or protector. An adult woman has similar capabilities as a man and can get a job to pay her bills and either buy a gun or call 911 and wait, like everyone else does. A child needs a man, because a child needs a provider and a protector.

If the problem with adult-child sex is that the child is assumed not to understand what's going on, how about a test to ascertain whether someone understands the risks and dangers of sex? We could all take the test and get a sex license to make sure we can safely consent to sex, because some adults also might not understand the risks. Instead of relying on age to indicate understanding or mental readiness, check the actual knowledge with a test. I think many children could pass the test.

People behave like sex is the worst thing in the universe. Why must children be protected from seeing images of physical intimacy but not propaganda, lies, hate, violence, and so on?

Most of the opponents of pedophilia only care about the children when it gives them an opportunity to hate someone.

The folks who freak out over pedophilia are the same folks who freak out and become abusive when their kid plays with himself or herself. They often threaten to cut off a boy's penis. They have delusions of childhood asexuality.

The pedophobes lash out at anything involving kids and sex, and they even freak out and become abusive when their own kid masturbates. That's not good for development of a healthy personality. Those freaks really know how to protect kids from abuse.

The opponents of pedophilia care about protecting children about as much as the opponents of interracial marriage cared about protecting white women. Caring about someone is not their motivation.

The folks who want to protect children from their own right to consent are the same sort who wanted to protect women from their own rights.

Some say kids cannot consent to physical intimacy. When did the kids consent to living in this screwed up country under all of these stupid and oppressive laws? I know I never did, but they force that crap upon us anyway.

Young people learn and grow more when they spend time with someone older than they do with another young person.

With a huge budget deficit and a huger national debt, why do we keep incarcerating our own taxpayers and innovators for victimless crimes such as looking at pictures or having consensual sex? How much is oppressing folks worth?

When Congress tells scientists what conclusions their science can reach, you know you're living in a shithole country. I'm talking about the chilling effect when U.S. Congress took the time to reject the study by Bruce Rind et al. and declare that science cannot say pedophilia isn't harmful.

When did a genocidal government gain the moral authority to tell us what pictures we can look at? I don't need a mass murderer telling me what pixels I can look at on my computer screen.

There is no such thing as liberty in a country where citizens are being locked up for looking at pictures or for having consensual sex.

If you can judge a wise man by the color of his skin or the value of love by the ages of those doing the loving, mister you're a better man than I.

Every day, the media only tells pedophiles they're monsters and provides no positive role models.

How could you have a rational and informed opinion on pedophilia when you've been exposed to one-sided propaganda for years?

If you know the media lies to you about other things, why take their word when the

If pedophilia is really so harmful, why did Congress need to dictate to scientists what conclusions their science can reach on pedophilia?

If everyone is really so against pedophilia, why do media and law enforcement need to use loaded words?

This country has always oppressed people for being different. Whether your skin was a different color or you were an anarchist or a communist or your religion was different or you pronounced a word differently from everyone else, you were a target.

This country has especially oppressed love for being different. They oppressed interracial couples, they oppressed homosexuals, and now they oppress pedophiles. They keep repeating the same mistake. When will they learn to mind their own business and stop oppressing forms of love because there's some aspect of them that they disapprove of?

If you have a problem with calling it consensual sex because you want to pretend kids can't consent to intimacy, let's just call it sex between two people who are both willing. The terms "willing" and "consenting" are synonymous, except you can't claim the kid isn't willing when they are.

Kids should not be forced to have sex or forced not to have sex. All human beings should be permitted self-determination and individualism where at all possible in personal matters.

If you're too mentally lazy or blind to injustice to realize that consensual sex should be legal whether or not some third party disapproves, maybe there's no hope for you.


The Spiral of Silence is when folks are afraid to speak unpopular views in order to avoid being ostracized. When fewer people speak the views that seem unpopular, it causes even more people to remain silent. More and more remain silent as the cycle continues.

Around 1996, I saw a documentary on the History Channel that talked about pederasty (sexual relationships between men and boys somewhere around puberty), and it talked about ancient Greece and later cultures where boys were kept around as apprentices and pederasty was not uncommon. And it described pederasty with the boy on his back for the greater intimacy of face-to-face sex. When a boy had hair on his chin, he was too old for that sort of thing.

Some ancient folks practiced intercrural sex with boys, meaning sex between the thighs, but it's believed they inserted sometimes.

Intergenerational pederasty was the most common form of homosexuality until modern times.

Around the 2001, I saw a documentary on Discovery or TLC about Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson) and in particular the theory that he was a pedophile due to his taking pictures of nude little girls and having a special relationship with Alice Liddell.

The band known as Stone Temple Pilots (STP) was previously known as Shirley Temple's Pussy.

The band known as Creed was previously known as Naked Toddler.

The band known as GWAR produced songs called "Baby Dick F***" and "Preskool Prostitute."

Ted Nugent recorded a song about sex with a 13-year-old girl, and it didn't even sound consensual to me, but conservatives don't have a problem with that.

Marcy Playground had a song called "Sex And Candy."

Mudhoney had a song called "She's Just 15."

Steven Crowder called for violence on Glenn Beck's radio program a few years ago, saying that those who touch a child deserve a bullet in the head, and if you only have thoughts that he disapproves of, you get a three-second head start. Listen to the audio and my response.

For those who want to know the distinctions made by some, hebephilia is attraction to pubescent children, ephebophilia is attraction to post-pubertal adolescents, and nepiophilia is attraction to babies or toddlers.

Insert more facts here.

"So you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell
Blue skies from pain
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail
A smile from a veil
Do you think you can tell?"
‐ Pink Floyd

John 15:18-19
If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.

1 John 2:9
Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness.

Your Safety Matters to Me.

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