The country is very divisive and political these days, so some of you are probably wondering where I stand on the political spectrum. Let me provide some background.

I tended to lean Republican as a teenager, and was a registered Republican, but I voted for Libertarian candidate Harry Browne for president in 2000 instead of George Bush or Al Gore, and he received such a tiny percentage of votes that I realized voting is pointless and I have no representation in this country.

"Taxation without representation is tyranny." ‐ James Otis

I fell for liberal idealism in my 20s, and they taught me a thing or two about activism. You don't know what activism is until you've seen Fire in the Eyes. Can you watch the whole video? Do you believe in anything strongly enough to engage in that sort of activism? Then watch the Crowd Bites Wolf, a partly fictionalized account of the IMF protests in Prague, another instance of people standing up to power.

But I became disillusioned with liberal idealism after years of waiting for any of them to actually support the things that they talk about. To the left, tolerant means "in love with homosexuality" and nothing else. Diversity means you have blacks and gays, and to hell with everyone else. They feel that only groups who are officially recognized to have been oppressed in the past matter, while they ignore and even promote oppression of other groups today. The hypocrisy of the left was too disgusting for me.

Obama sent legal threats to Obama supporter and activist Lindsay Ashford in 2007 due to harmless photos of his daughters, so I never supported Obama and instead actively worked to discredit him. I sent many messages asking Obama and Biden to support issues to no avail.

I like to listen to the radio but grew tired of listening to the same old stupid songs over and over, so I've listened to a lot of talk radio. The daily hypocrisy and obsession with homosexuality on NPR drove me to listen to conservative talk radio for years. I don't agree with everything they say, and I've sent many angry emails about things I've heard, but they're hardly worse than the liberals.

I don't know Putin, but I sent him a message asking him to help defeat Hillary, so I'm clearly responsible for the election interference. And I apparently have delusions of grandeur. But Russian support for Alex Jones and the Pizzagate conspiracy theory turned me against Putin. That's not the kind of help I wanted. And I felt Hillary Clinton was ultimately being treated unfairly because she was only doing the same kinds of things that many other politicians have done. I liked her ads on TV, and I wanted to believe that maybe she would be better than Trump, so I almost voted for Hillary. But her continuing to talk about gun control was one problem, and continuing to talk about LGBT rights instead of talking about the people who are actually being oppressed was another. I could not endorse Hillary Clinton with my vote. I contacted her campaign about my concerns, but I was apparently ignored.

It's funny how the FBI was discrediting Hillary when it looked like she was about to win, then they tried to discredit Trump after he won. Who needs to worry about Russians when we have the FBI and mainstream media discrediting the U.S. President? And why worry about Russia when we have the mainstream media continually sowing division in this country?

Trump stole my gig. I was going around offending people by saying whatever I felt, being outrageous, talking about fake news, etc. So I liked Donald Trump at first, but he eventually offended me, too. Like the way South Park tried to offend everyone, and I liked that until they offended me. And it seemed that Trump had a lot of hatemongers supporting him. So I didn't vote for him, but after seeing the media treat him unfairly month after month, I kind of relate to him again. I won't vote for Trump unless he becomes a Libertarian, but he's not the only victim of disinformation and propaganda from the mainstream media scumbags who call themselves "journalists" but are devoid of any ability or desire to perform real journalism. He may be one of the most wealthy and powerful victims.

Time and time again, the mainstream media has tried to mislead the people, and to keep on repeatedly falling for their lies does not say much for one's intelligence, so I sometimes like to use the mainstream media as my compass to help me decide what's wrong and right. If the propagandists are trying to make the sheeple believe something, you can be sure that you're better off believing the opposite. For example, I think vaccines could be good, but I know they've contained harmful preservatives, and I feel that giving young children 50 vaccines is excessive, and I don't agree that the vaccine makers should be immune to lawsuits or other consequences if there are problems, and I know humans often manage to screw up the good things, but I'd still like to believe vaccines are safe. However, the mainstream media's repeated attempts to convince people that vaccines are completely safe and wonderful and that anyone who opposes them must be retarded have made me think I should probably be against vaccines. Whenever they're repeatedly doing one-sided reporting, I must assume that they have a reason, and it's not because they're good people who want to help you.

On the conservative side, I believe that lower taxes are good for business. I believe tariffs are good if they keep us from being dependent on China for everything, which could be a dangerous situation if a major conflict erupts. I don't believe the U.S. should kiss Iranian ass to try to stop nuclear threats or interference with the oil supply from the Persian Gulf/Arabian Gulf.

But on the liberal side, most of the super-wealthy folks that I can think of are greedy creeps while many good people have very limited resources, and most of the big businesses that I can think of seem to be hopelessly evil, and that's probably why this country is so messed up.

I suppose I'm a Libertarian, but it seems like most Libertarians don't believe in liberty these days except in their own little selfish pet causes. For example, you have the pothead Libertarians who support legalizing marijuana but otherwise have no thoughts concerning personal liberty, self-determination, individualism, etc. and don't care about all the people locked up for other victimless crimes. They only care about their own little selfish pet cause. They're no better than the LGBT hypocrites.

So I like to say that I'm an old-school Libertarian who actually believes in liberty. If you harm no one, government should leave you alone. When that's not the case, you know you're living in a shithole country.

Some might assume I'm a Democrat based on whatever comment they happen to see, and others might want to assume I'm a Republican based on another comment, but I'm not interested in playing this pointless red team versus blue team game. The red team and the blue team both suck.

I've mostly given up on this country until I see change, so it doesn't matter much to me who wins any election, and I can't endorse any known candidate with my vote. You know you're living in a shithole country when you don't want to endorse any of the candidates with your vote.

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