Why do we like the things we like? Are there reasons for our preferences, or are they just random?

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The Human Form


Human breasts indicate reproductive maturity and show that a woman has fat stores to help feed a baby, but they also recreate the buttocks on the chest in order to encourage more face-to-face sex. Via evolution, women are shaped by the desires of men, and men are shaped by the desires of women (though many of us today are shaped more by McDonald's).


The butt contains the largest muscles in the body, and these are important for running. Men and women both appreciate a good butt because an ability to run fast was important for survival after we moved from the trees to the savanna, and we're generally attracted to qualities that aid survival. Running fast was important to avoid being eaten and to catch prey. Even in modern times, some primitive cultures still outrun large prey that overheats when running in the daytime while we have the advantages of sweat and vertical bodies to help avoid overheating.

Wide Hips

Babies' heads have become bigger as the human brain has evolved larger, but this causes childbirth to be more difficult. Women's hips have had to evolve to be wider just to allow babies to be born. Men who liked wide hips had more offspring, and those who didn't found reproducing difficult, so most men today like wide hips, part of the so-called hourglass figure.

V-Shaped Chest

Women like a V-shaped chest in men, maybe because that indicates upper-body strength that may be needed to help protect her and the children and to help provide for them in harsh conditions like those we frequently faced during our evolution.


People are usually attracted to indications of health and turned off by indications that someone isn't healthy because we want to reproduce with healthy partners so our children will be healthy.


Other primates don't seem to care about round butts, wide hips, and voluptuous breasts. It's amazing that our sexual preferences can change so quickly (in evolutionary terms) while our physical form remains similar to our ape cousins. It's also amazing to consider the role that sexual selection has played in our evolution. More on that later.


Should we condemn them for being weird or embrace fetishes because they can help to maximize pleasure and keep sex interesting?

Anal Sex

Some feel that anal sex is more intimate. There is a reduced risk of pregnancy with anal sex. The taboo of sodomy might be appealing to some. Heterosexual anal sex has even been called "pederasty with women" by some Victorian era prude whose name I've forgotten.


Some like the taboo of cheating. Men are designed to be able to reproduce with many women, and it can be difficult for a man to remain attracted to the same woman or to resist fresh women. Women also enjoy cheating and are most likely to do so when they are ovulating, i.e. most fertile. Open marriages, swinging, and cuckolding are consensual forms of cheating, but it's not really cheating when everyone knows and consents. I don't recommend non-consensual cheating because someone will feel betrayed, but if you care about your partner, shouldn't you try to overcome jealosy and encourage her to enjoy whatever she wants?


Nature makes a man aroused when he thinks his wife or girlfriend was with another man so he will be more likely to get his own semen in there to compete with the other man's. Increasingly popular, cuckolding means exploiting that arousal to maximize pleasure and keep sex interesting. Some couples incorporate femdom, orgasm denial or erotic denial, homosexual activities, or other activities into cuckolding.

Pregnant Fetish

Pregnancy indicates fertility, which is attractive. Though a pregnant woman is a bad choice for mating, she will be a good choice in a few months. Pregnant women are often more horny, and the pregnant vagina is often swollen and more sensitive, making pregnant sex better.

Erotic Denial

Because you want what you can't have.


Femdom is short for female domination.

And Many More

More will be added here. Some may be omitted because I don't want to think about them right now.

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