The Boy & the Man

A Short Story by Ron Spain

This story contains graphic descriptions of sausage and buns. If these food items offend you, please close this page or use your browser's back button.

The man sits on a park bench idly playing with his sausage. A cute little boy playing nearby suddenly stops and stares at the man and his sausage. The boy approaches, his eyes wide, peering at the sausage, glancing up at his face.

"Hello little boy. Is everything okay?" asks the man.

"I've never seen a sausage that big," declares the boy.

"Would you like to touch my sausage?" the man asks the little boy.

"Sure!" The boy pokes the man's sausage with his finger, then rubs and pats the man's big sausage with his little boyish hand.

The boy says, "I wish I had a sausage that big!"

"It's your lucky day," says the man. "You can have mine - but only under one condition: You enjoy a sausage sandwich with me."

"You'll share your big sausage with me?" asks the boy.

"Do you have some buns?" the man asks.

The boy suddenly reveals his previously hidden buns, shaking and waving them at the man as if to tease him.

"I think those will do the job," the man says. "In fact, those are the most beautiful buns I've ever seen."

"Touch my buns," the boy suggests.

The man rubs the boy's buns. "Your buns are so soft and perfect! These are the highest quality buns I've ever seen! How does such a cute little boy end up with buns like these?"

The boy smiles and says, "Glad you like them."

The man responds, "I love them, and I think they're perfect for my sausage."

"You think so? Let's see." The young boy presents his buns for the man's sausage.

"I love to see a boy so eager," the man says. "Let me be careful here," he says as he gently tries to slide his greasy sausage between the boy's perfect buns.

"Your sausage is so big, it won't fit!" the boy exclaims.

"Be patient," says the man as he continues gently trying to cram his big sausage between the boy's soft buns, until finally, it slides inside, startling the boy.

"Careful!" the boy says as the man slowly slides his big sausage deeper between the young little boy's soft buns. "Oooh!" cries the boy ecstatically. "Oh!" the boy jumps slightly upon realizing, "Your sausage is so big, it won't go in all the way!"

"It's okay. That's good enough anyway, isn't it?"

The boy agrees, "Yeah."

The man affirms, "Yeah."

And they both live happily ever after.


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