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Welcome to the tour. Ron Spain's website provides free games, code snippets, software, unique opinions, interesting pictures, activism, and more. There are no free trials, because Ron never demands payment. Ron never begs for money like Wikipedia and other free websites, but I will probably add an option someday to let people donate. Note that trying to bookmark a page during the tour will not work - it will bookmark the tour instead. Please enjoy your visit.

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pong.htm This is my Pong game. Can you defeat the pong-playing robot from outer space? squared-off.htm This is my Squared Off game. You need to be last one able to move. mandelbrot.htm This is my mandelbrot set fractal explorer. Click to zoom, and repeat. Sexology.htm Here is the sexology page. Gay-Boys.htm This is a page about boys being gay. Hot.htm Here's a few hotties. Politics.htm My views on politics. Gun-Rights.htm We do have a 2nd Amendment still, don't we? Pedo-Notes.htm Just some notes on pedophilia. Don't have a conniption fit. Zoophilia.htm Notes on zoophilia now. Be sure to freak out some more if you have strength left after the pedophilia page. Quotes.htm This pages contains some interesting and relevant quotes. Security.htm This pages contains some security advice. Ad-Blocker.htm I recommend using a trusted ad-blocker. Survival.htm Survival notes, mostly math right now. player.htm Here, you can listen to the audio stream. Alex-Jones.htm Thoughts About Alex Jones. Your-Safety.htm Because your safety matters to me. youtube/ Witness some examples of the hate on YouTube. Twitter.htm Thoughts About Twitter. Pix/ Here's a bunch of pictures. Doc/ Here's a bunch of documents. calc.htm This is an online calculator that harnesses the scripting power of your web browser. js-snippets.htm Code snippets for the JavaScript programming language. c-snippets.htm Code snippets for the C programming language. rm-tv.htm This pages has information for local TV viewers. Gun-Sim.htm This pages simulates a bullet's trajectory. gps.htm This page uses JavaScript to access your device's GPS or geolocation capabilities. Links.htm Some links to other websites. index.htm This is the home page. Bookmark it the next time you're there.