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Blood Falls

In the harsh environment of Antarctica, a creepy waterfall of blood can be found. First thought to be algae, it was later shown to be iron oxide, or rust, making the water red, and it comes from a lake deep below the ice that was sealed off over a million years ago and serves as a unique time capsule for scientists today.


In an abandoned town in Pennsylvania, smoke rises from cracks in the ground by the cemetery. An underground fire has been burning for decades, driving out almost all of the residents. It's thought the fire was started by burning trash in the landfill, but it spread to the underground coal that was once mined there. The coal could continue to burn for 250 years.

Tamam Shud

An unidentifiable dead man is found on a beach near Adelaide, Australia with a page torn from a book containing a coded message that was found in the back of a car. It happened in 1948 and has never been explained. The man has never been identified, and the message has never been deciphered. The book was the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyám.

Kecksburg UFO

It's 1965. A fireball is seen falling in six states and Canada. There are reports of sonic booms, grass fires, and hot metal debris. The area where it lands in Pennsylvania is sealed off by Army and State Police. That much is known. They say nothing was found, but some claim to have seen an acorn-shaped object the size of a small car with symbols like heiroglyphics on it. Forty years later in 2005, NASA said fragments were from a Russian satellite and that they had lost their records in the 1990s, conveniently.

Mad Gasser

A man wakes up nauseated and weak. His wife tries to get up to check the stove, but she can't get out of bed. Other town citizens start to experience similar weakness and paralysis accompanied by a strange odor. A wave of reports pour in to local police, and the FBI becomes involved. They suspect a mad gasser is prowling about - until it is attributed to mass hysteria. This happened in Mattoon, Illinois in 1944.

Spring-heeled Jack

This was the name given to a devilish figure of the 1800s who was able to leap remarkable heights. First seen in England in 1837, he was well known to teenage girls, who reported him kissing them and ripping off their clothing.


The bloop is an unexplained sound that was recorded by underwater microphones in 1997. It sounded biological but was much too loud to be any known animal, having been recorded by multiple microphones 3000 miles apart. In addition to more interesting theories such as a large unknown sea creature, some suspect the sound was simply a result of chunks of ice calving off of Antarctica.


This was supposedly a talking mongoose that lived in the walls of a farmhouse.

Loveland Frog

Imagine a giant frog that walks upright.

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