Your Safety Matters To Me

This website uses no third-party scripts, stylesheets, or templates that could contain spyware, malware, or links to malware.

This website uses no resources from third-party servers. Many websites contain "social media" buttons, scripts to add functionality, analytics scripts, stylesheets to improve the appearance of the page, and even fonts from third-party servers, but it allows the operators of those servers to see what pages you're visiting or potentially even inject malware into pages.

My websites are sometimes hosted on subdomains such as the subdomain on Neocities' servers. Servers like those of Neocities host many separate websites on different subdomains. There may be malware or phishing sites on some other subdomains, but those have no relation to my website. Ever. It's defamatory, slanderous, and libelous when some "malware analysis" website claims my website is not safe because of content on some other websites on other subdomains created by other people.

I've been programming for about 30 years, and some of my online software uses JavaScript in unusual ways that elicit warnings from some malware scanning websites.

My scripts and other files are not obfuscated, and you are free to examine the source code of everything. I like open source software and saving time, so instead of trying to make my code difficult to decipher, I usually try to make it easy to understand, though I don't waste my resources by adding comments to everything. Press ctrl+u to view the source code of any page on this site or elsewhere.

Someone went through the trouble of using some stupid online "malware analysis" website to check my Zoophilia Notes page after I posted it on Twitter. If you look at the website, the home page alone uses third-party resources from flattr, google, youtube, pinterest, and tumblr. My website is safe compared to most.

I don't put malware, including spyware, in my pages, and I'm not irresponsible enough to allow someone else to harm my valued visitors.

I haven't been hacked since I stopped using Internet Explorer so many years ago, and I'm only using a fresh Linux as my operating system right now. I'll be as transparent as possible about any hacking or security problems that are discovered on my website or my own computers.

If you have a question or concern that wasn't addressed here, email me at anytime.

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