About Ron Spain

Ron is a 41-years-old man living in North Carolina. Ron's devotion to his projects and dislike of dating mean he happens to be single and looking.


Ron started programming about 30 years ago in the early 1990s, learning the lessons of debugging hundreds of homebrew games, demos, and utilities and developing a love for creating efficient code. Ron started learning HTML and coding JavaScript and C in 2006 and has gained experience working on hundreds of diverse projects in those languages and others. Ron has created some useful and secure software using the PHP programming language, though he tries to avoid server-side scripting where possible for improved security and performance.


Everyone's so political and divisive these days, some might not want to associate with someone they think is a liberal or a conservative, but Ron is sympathetic to many diverse political views. People get too caught up in the red team versus blue team game that empowers politicians instead of empowering the people or solving the problems in our society. Ron considers himself an old-school libertarian and doesn't care about your wacky-ass political or religious views. Ron does not discriminate.


The best way to reach Ron is by email, text message, or both. Texting might result in a faster response than email. The live chat could be even faster.

Email: ronspain@gmx.us
Text: 2528221132
IRC Chat

About the Website

This is the latest incarnation of Ron's Spain's website. Ron's web presence has moved around much over the years due to his being cheap and picky about hosts.

"I could probably come up with a better name for the site, but what's the point? I'm not an egomaniac who needs to have a website with my name all over it; I just want a place to put things on the web, and it makes sense to use my own name as opposed to Blue Elbow or some other random nonsense."

There would be more content on the website if it hadn't been lost in a catastrophic hard drive failure a few years ago. Remember to back up your files.

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