These online apps are free to use without ads and without membership. They were made and published by Ron Spain.


If you're like me, you need to do math daily, but you don't want to use those awkward calculator programs for your computer, so maybe you use Google to solve your math problems, but why not utilize the power of your own web browser's built-in JavaScript interpreter? Doing so could save time and bandwidth while allowing you to solve complex expressions. And using the JavaScript interpreter as a calculator might even help you learn JavaScript, which is among the most useful programming languages of the day. Calc is a web app that allows you to do all of that.

Morse Tester

Maybe you're finally learning Morse code, or maybe you just need to brush up. This app test your ability to decode those Morse code dots and dashes into single letters, numbers, and basic punctuation symbols. You simply listen to the beeps and press the appropriate key on your keyboard or click on the letter on the screen to answer. If you weren't paying attention, you can replay the Morse code by pressing your spacebar.


This web app allows you to set named waypoints so your phone or other GPS-capable device can help you navigate to complete your mission. You enter your waypoints, then the app regularly speaks the direction and distance to the next waypoint, showing an arrow indicating the compass direction. Hold your phone so North is at the top of the screen to see the actual direction. The app uses red colors in an attempt to avoid harming your night vision.

Conway's Life

This web app is an implementation of Conway's Game of Life. To see it running this fast in a web browser was impossible ten or so years ago and is mostly a testament to the power of modern JavaScript and the HTML5 Canvas. This is the most well known cellular automaton. The state of each cell consists of an on or off condition that is determined by that of all the cells in the neighborhood of the cell.


This web app creates random cellular automata that are three-dimensional, but with the third dimension smaller and portayed by colors, often producing a psychedelic display. To see another, click in the frame below.

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