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Maybe you'd like to know how you can block ads. Maybe you don't have extra time for annoying, distracting, and obnoxious ads that primarily support corporations that already have too much power.

All ad blockers are not the same. Some are more efficient than others that can slow down page loads, but a good ad blocker can speed up your web surfing by eliminating all those ads that themselves only slow down the pages. But some ad blockers are even designed to allow ads from certain advertisers who pay the developers. What a foul scheme.

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If you use an ad blocker, you should use the best. uBlock Origin is efficient and actually blocks ads, and it's probably available for your favorite web browser. In addition to blocking ads, it also allows you to remove other unwanted page elements, disable scripting as needed, or do other things that I can't think of right now while writing this. It even blocks video ads on YouTube.

Using ad blockers can also hurt the little guy trying to help pay for his time spent forcing on a website and other expenses via respectable advertising, so you can disable uBlock Origin for any website you choose, and it will remember your settings for different sites. But I usually regret disabling it due to a sudden bombardment of annoying ads, popups, and other abuses. Most ads that you see online are probably supporting Google, and I certainly don't want to support that.

Ads are also used to track your online activities when all those third party websites placing ads in the pages you visit set cookies that remember you as you surf from one sites to another.

I do disable it when doing important business online to avoid any problems, but I haven't had any major problems.

I don't get anything from telling you about uBlock Origin except the joy of knowing you won't be supporting Google. Woohoo! That's good enough for me. Maybe I should be, but I'm not even associated with the project.


uBlock Origin is a browser extension, so to install it, you simply go to the page for uBlock Origin on the app store website for your web browser, and click the button there to "install" or "add" to your browser, depending on how the particular app store chooses to phrase it.

uBlock Origin for Firefox

uBlock Origin for Chrome

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