Binaural Beats Generator

Binaural beats are used to entrain the brainwaves to specific frequencies, especially for meditation. This online app makes it easier to help achieve the desired brainwaves for your meditation sessions. The app starts with a beat frequency closer to where your brainwaves probably are now and gradually entrains them to a lower frequency. It can hold the low frequency for however long you need, then gradually raise the frequency back up. It can loop if you want it to repeat the process.

I use 440 Hertz as the default base frequency because laptop speakers don't reproduce lower frequencies well, but you might prefer 220 or another frequency. It's best to use this app with headphones or stereo speakers with good stereo separation.

Do not use this web app while driving or operating machinery.

Base Freq.
Start Freq.
Low Freq.
High Freq.
Hold the low freq. for how many minutes?

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