Random Insult Generator

Now you can get your feelings hurt without requiring another human! Just use my random insult generator! Prepare to be offended!

ignorant stupid dumb dumb-ass retarded pea-brained illiterate uneducated slow-witted braindead damn damned freaking freakin' friggin' smelly stinking odoriferous stanky stank-ass foul rotten snot-nose perverted creepy incestuous poor impoverished crazy crazy-ass loony loony_tunes loco insane wacky weird strange twisted screwy bad lousy awful terrible gay fish-eyed selfish self-absorbed fat overweight overfed obese sluggish sluglike low-energy slimy worthless pathetic useless no-good valueless talentless overrated whiny subhuman unethical evil satanic demonic devilish ugly unattractive pint-sized miniature little big huge cruel mean nasty dirty hopeless unpleasant annoying rude crude slutty troubling troubled sad meddlesome meddling brainless mindless thoughtless senseless senile misguided confused lost random ridiculous laughable silly silly-ass lying artificial fake wannabe old ancient antique vintage prehistoric black white asian french spanish english british australian wild-eyed wily godless soulless heartless iniquitous angry bad-tempered grouchy cantankerous stubborn hard-headed mere hairy flaming human-shaped naive low-down blue-eyed brown-eyed green-eyed slant-eyed round-eyed ageist racist sexist bigoted narrowminded ornery grinning mischievous card-carrying east_coast west_coast out_of_control total complete doggone dang danged darn darned dern blasted crooked hotheaded mad immature childish disgusting obtuse disagreeable major_league serious real unkind deranged cranky incompetant welsh irish scottish nordic swedish swiss german dutch neurotic psychotic drunken drunk-driving cocky cocksure horse-face goofy moronic thick-headed oblivious brainwashed amusing funny humorous anal vaginal penile shifty shady sly sneaky underhanded treacherous two-faced backward screaming pimply
pervert creep predator weirdo wacko madman lunatic extremist knob-gobbler homo homosexual hetero heterosexual pedo pedophile zoophile pederast sheeplover goatlover chickenlover doglover babyraper babylover republican democrat conservative liberal fascist communist anarchist libertarian populist hitler ape monkey gorilla primate baboon orangutan toad dog hound_dog cat tadpole sprout squirt skunk vulture shitbird insect whale elephant hippo hippie beatnik crook criminal villain evildoer turd pile_of_excrement pile_of_crap shitbag shitbucket fartbag piece_of_crap turdbasket zombie robot clone fool dummy idiot moron retard retardo hooligan cracka nigga jew zionist arab persian asian white_person whitey gringo caucasian american canadian snowbird mexican european african kiwi muslim christian buddhist hindu baby child fetus uncle aunt grandpa grandma slimeball scumball scumbag lowlife bottomfeeder hatemonger hater troublemaker instigator nobody nothing waste_of_space loser failure crumb speck pissant scavenger opportunist debutant bum hobo devil demon pothead crackhead crack_whore addict alcoholic eyesore sight dickwad dilweed asshole butthole bumhole anus arse ass assface dick dickhead scrotum nutsack penis vagina weenie lardbag wretch scoundrel rascal whore slut bitch ho nuisance annoyance wanker screwball gnome garden_gnome fairy elf queef pussyfart fart old_fart dinosaur fossil tranny shemale transexual transvestite traitor liar bastard maggot cockroach conspiracy_theorist simpleton redneck hillbilly yankee southerner northerner clown joker joke heathen barbarian human person pimp train_wreck mess neanderthal cro-magnon snake weasel worm waif wonder dildo fartmonger piece_of_work curmudgeon scrooge grinch monster monstrosity terror dude guy woman gal male female snowflake millennial butthead butt-nugget pacifist wuss wussy pig hog hawg hyena critter creature sloth halfbreed lesbian booger troglodite eskimo gypsy muppet puppet nazi psychologist psychiatrist psycho yoyo nitwit know-it-all capitalist profiteer consumer politician catholic protestant viking feminist authoritarian imperialist wart freak dung_beetle slug pest pestilence goofball cop sailor officer dingaling thing cheat cheater loudmouth vegetable vegemite kumquat bacterium paramecium flintstone
you_are you_are_just you_are_such you_are_always you_always_were you_are_always_such you_are_nothing_but you_are_truly you_are_in_fact you_are_indeed you_are_being we_all_know_you're stop_being don't_be don't_be_such