These online games are free to play without ads and without membership. They were made and published by Ron Spain.

Squared Off

Squared Off game screenshot

In this game for one to four players, each player, during his or her turn, must move to any unused square that is adjacent to, i.e. touching, their current square, including in the diagonal directions. A square is considered "used" if any player has occupied it during the current game. Used squares are a different color. When a player has no unused square to move to, that player loses. Don't be a loser. The winner is the last player surviving.

This game is based on a game featured on the popular Survivor television show. It's fun for the whole family or just for one lonely person who has driven everyone away from him. Each game only requires a commitment of a few minutes, perfect for those of you afraid of too much commitment. It's a good brain exercise when you are bored. It's fun for all ages.

The artificial intelligence in the game is not intended to be the brightest in the world, but that's okay when you have multiple opponents as in the game. At least it's unpredictable.


Pong game title screen

How do you defeat a pong-playing robot from outer space? How do you defeat a perfect opponent? Does every adversary have a weakness? If so, can you discover the weakness and exploit it to defeat the arrogant PongBot?

Puzzle Maze

Puzzle Maze game screenshot

Imagine you are stuck inside of a maze of randomly placed blocks, but some of them can slide! Sometimes, there are gaps and it is easy to find a path between the blocks, but at other times, it can be tricky to figure out how to slide the blue blocks to get through.

You must travel to the right side of the maze to the exit, but is it an exit, or will it merely take you to the next level? You must avoid the red monsters while collecting gold. Five gold will buy you a bomb, which you can utilize to destroy blocks to clear a path when there is no other way.

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