You suck at pong! Inferior human! You missed the ball! Another human folly! Humans are inferior! No robot would miss like that! Give up now, human! It's simple geometry, human! Your wetware is buggy, human! To err is human! Stupid human! You big dummy!
Did you really just do that? What was that all about? I can't believe you did that! You are hitting it the wrong way! No, hit the ball this way! You are doing it wrong, human! Keep doing it like that, human! Outstanding! How do you suck that bad? Someone needs to debug your brain! Robots do not screw up like that!
As a robot, I can calculate where the ball will go! I always get there just in time! A mere human could never defeat me! As a perfect robot, I am unbeatable! Ron Spain made me perfect! I knew the ball would be there! We robots are good at math! I am a robot! Too easy! Prepare to be utterly defeated, human! See how it is done? Now it is your turn to hit the ball! You will lose!
You must be cheating! How did I miss? You got lucky! That was not fair! Impossible!
Alright!!! Excellent! You must defeat the bot! You might win! This player is good! Maybe this player will save us! Good shot! Good job! Keep it up! Great shot! Don't listen to the bot! The bot lies! The bot insults everyone!
Are you getting warm? It sure is warm! I need to cool down! I am getting too hot! What is happening to me? This cannot be happening! This is not possible! You are making me get too hot! You make me hot! I'm red-hot over here! Reset the game so I can cool down!
Hit the ball near the edge of the paddle to steer it. Some say they have seen the robot turn red. You may be able to make the robot overheat. Try to make the robot move around more. The robot is good at pong, but you can defeat it.


The arrogant PongBot has annoyed and humiliated the people of our planet for millennia. It seems impossible to defeat it, but the prophecies say that a human like you will defeat the PongBot and liberate our people. Could you be The One? Can you find a way to defeat the pong-playing robot from outer space?

Press 'k' for keys.

Press 'i' for credits.


up & down arrow keys move your paddle (or use mouse/touchpad) k keys h help p pause r reset i credits

Game design and programming by Ron Spain.

The "game over" sound effect was created by user Rocotilos of using software from the website.

Fanfare sound effect courtesy John Stracke via SoundBible.

Bang sound effect courtesy Kibblesbob via SoundBible.

Additional sound effects and editing by Ron Spain using Audacity.

Fog background was created using GIMP.

Most of the coding was done in Leafpad.

DNS is provided by for

Ron Spain is not associated with the aforementioned individuals, websites, and projects.

Thank you for choosing Ron Spain software.

©2019-2020 Ron Spain

You Win!

You have defeated the PongBot and freed the people of our planet! I knew you could do it!


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