Squared Off

You will take turns moving to empty squares. When you can no longer move, you are out. The last player remaining is the winner. Press 'k' for keys. Ok


Survivor Squares

This game was inspired by a game script included with Walter Pullen's Daedalus maze software, available on www.astrolog.org. That game script was inspired by a game featured on the television series Survivor.

Programming by Ron Spain.

Fanfare sound effect courtesy John Stracke via SoundBible.
Bang sound effect courtesy Kibblesbob via SoundBible.
Accordion sound effect courtesy junggle via SoundBible.
Additional sound effects and editing by Ron Spain.

Graphics were created and edited using GIMP.

Hosting is provided by Nearly Free Speech.

Ron Spain is not affiliated with the individuals and websites mentioned above.

This game was created in North Carolina, USA.

Thank you for choosing software by Ron Spain.

©2019 Ron Spain Dismiss

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Use arrow keys or number pad to move. Or click to move. Or use a gamepad with Firefox. H Help I Info K Keys R Reset S Show scores Esc Close text or quit Ok
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