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Ron Spain's stock market predictions are made with the aid of special, custom-made software. The predictions may or may not prove to be accurate. Let's find out. I've been meaning to check these methods for a while. We'll start with unpublished predictions I made around Christmas in December 2019.
(You will never get the software without my permission, and you wouldn't know how to use it, so don't try it. Any attempted theft will be thwarted, and you will be hunted down.)

March 2020 Predictions

These are the new predictions using data up to early March 2020. I'm particularly skeptical of the current predictions, thinking that the volatility caused by the novel coronavirus covid-19 is drowning out the predictable aspects. However, there are always unforeseeable influences, and that fact makes the market unpredictable to some extent. The question is how much?

A shrewd investor doesn't just do whatever some guy said but instead uses the information from the available sources to determine what to invest in. Do your own research, and don't blame me when something unexpected happens in the stock market.


The generated predictions for the Dow Jones Industrial Average are not good, showing weakness or downward motion for the next 1½ years.


Predictions for Amazon show it weak or falling until early August 2020, then rising until mid-December 2020, then weak or declining again. That's remarkably consistent with the previous forecast shown below.


Dollar General approaches a peak in early April too near to profit from. Then it's weak or down until mid-June, after which time it's boring for a few months. It rises from mid-September to mid-November, goes weak or down for two months, then rises sharply from mid-January to late April of 2021.


Netflix is approaching a peak in early April, then it will be very weak or in sharp decline until mid-October, after which it rises sharply to a peak in early April.

December 2019 Predictions

These are old predictions using data up to Christmas of 2019.

Dow Jones Industrial Average

The early part of 2020 doesn't look so good, either moving down or growing less. Things turn around in late June or early July, rising to a peak around April-May 2021.


Amazon is either weak or moving down until July 2020, when it turns around, making that a good time to buy. Then it hits a peak in December 2020, making that a good time to sell. I personally don't like Amazon for various reasons, mostly their censorship.


Dollar General is the oddball in these predictions, so I'm suspicious. It's doing the opposite of most stocks, which seems unlikely. DG rises until late March 2020, dips in April, and hits another peak in June. Then it's weak or downhill until December 2020, when it begins a rise lasting until March 2021. DG has been building many new locations, 1000 per year if I recall correctly, and I like the business.


Netflix is weak or declining from February to July 2020, but September-October begins a strong recovery, making it a good time to buy and hold until a peak in December 2020. I personally refuse to pay for movies or support Hollywood, so I don't use Netflix, but everyone I talk to does, and I sometimes hear good things about Netflix.
Stay tuned for the updates.


Along with greater potential for profit comes greater risk.

Most people think you lose money when stocks go down, but you can make money when stocks go down by short selling or shorting, which is essentially betting against a stock, though it may not always be possible. A "bad day on Wall Street" could be a good day for you.

Hedge your bets by betting against some stocks that you feel are overpriced or by including investments that tend to rise when stocks go sour, such as gold.

Annuities are not all risky. Fixed-rate annuities are safer. Be aware of any penalties for cashing out early.

Mutual funds are just combinations of investments such as stocks, bonds, and so on that are selected to hopefully perform well so people like you will want to buy some.

Don't forget about fees and other drains on your profits.

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