Red Flashlight in Package

Red Flashlight

Bright and efficient LEDs. Button operated. Attractive and sturdy aluminum body. Uses 3 AAA cells. Includes carrying case.
Clip-on Wristband Compass

Clip-on Compass

Never get lost again! Designed for use on your wristwatch band, you can also clip it onto your sleeve or elsewhere.
Gamepad Videogame Controller

USB Gamepad Videogame Controller

Gaming with your keyboard is often harder and less fun, so use a controller! The button layout is like the controller for the Super Nintendo (SNES) console, making it perfect for playing SNES games on your computer via free emulation software such as Mednafen. (Or perhaps Higan or ZSNES, but I haven't tested it with those.)
16GB Micro SD Card

16 GB Micro SD Card

I have some good inexpensive MicroSD cards. Each is different, but you can view my quick benchmark of one that I've been using.
Prices will be listed soon. Buy now for the lowest price.

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